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Yangtian Li
Yangtian Li is a passionate digital artist and animator, who has working experience in games, magazines and books. Yangtian provides high quality illustration services as well as 2D animation services.
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Yangtian Li was born and raised in China. Like many artists, she has shown great interest in art since a very young age. After finishing high-school, Yangtian travelled to Melbourne, Australia to study her bachelor degree and major in Animation at Qantm College. After graduating as the highest achieving student in her year, Yangtian started her artist career as the lead artist for a leading Australian mobile game developer, then in 2013~2014 she studied another diploma course for concept design. Now, Yangtian is working as a freelancing illustrator and animator across various platforms, including games, books and magazines. She is passionate to realize her dreams – to have her own animation studio.

Yangtian celebrates the beauty of colour and story in her work, mostly through the female form. She also tries to expand her ability on storytelling through her illustrations.

By the way, most of her friends call her Tian for it being much easier to pronounce. 🙂

Yangtian is currently traveling the world while freelancing. Feel free to get in touch at!


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