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Yangtian Li
Yangtian Li is a passionate digital artist and animator, who has working experience in games, magazines and books. Yangtian provides high quality illustration services as well as 2D animation services.
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week4, ah time flies. Design intro was to do fifty thumbnails for a team of 5 robots. was a  lot of work in such a short time, also totally not in my comfort zone. but anyway that’s why i go to school to learn! theme i chose is gardening robots. then digital painting – really
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so here are the hmworks for the last two weeks. was too busy and tired so was not bothered to post. So far I kinda find term2 much more interesting and exciting than term1 though, so that’s a good start.   Design intro, first week was learning shapes and just random vehicle design from those
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Term2, week one

Finally in term 2! the work load has literally doubled. OMG! This is the end of week 2 so I will post all the week 1 stuff. week 1 for me was really for trying to get a hold of the time management so nothing is really great, trying to control all the time and
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perspective final

Finally… Spent around three days on this. The theme we were given was China town, I sort of really wanted to do a scene with some interior and exterior, hence the extremely high ceiling of the restaurant, haha! The teacher was teasing that two ninjas could jump in. lol. Anyway, that’s a wrap for perspective!
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finally week13… felt a burnt out. For perspective we had to do an exploded view… so not feeling it… I did a music box, which was not satisfying at all – bad subject to pick I think… too many round stuff that drove me crazy. it’s ehhh…upside-down. oh well whatever. didn’t really get to spend
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week 12…time flies. Anyway, this week we got the shittest homework EVER. 5 letters in a mirror room… it’s hard to describe how painful it is to do this thing…it took me a day and a half and it’s so painful that almost burned me out for every other homework…even though at first I was
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I’m really bad when it comes to design vehicles… but you know, something to learn, otherwise why do I come to the school! 🙂 painting more fancy stuff! looking forward to next week because we will only be rendering two images and I can spend a lot of time to render them nicely! 😀


so much work every week! Well, this week we finally get our first design homework which is to design a creature and its dressed up versions. I didn’t have a lot of time to design the creature so I guess it’s not that strong, but I really enjoyed dressing it up. 😀 I took a
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Wk7 and Wk8 digital paintings

a lot of material studies… 72 of them! so much…but I made it at least! wanna spend more time especially on the horse…kind of added a side task for me to learn horse anatomy, but yea it’s going to be long term task. Kingston’s comment: not bad. good try. LOL.

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