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so here are the hmworks for the last two weeks. was too busy and tired so was not bothered to post. So far I kinda find term2 much more interesting and exciting than term1 though, so that’s a good start.


Design intro, first week was learning shapes and just random vehicle design from those shapes. but man I suck at designing freaking vehicles!
Design_Intro_Week02_Yangtian_Li_08 Design_Intro_Week02_Yangtian_Li_07 Design_Intro_Week02_Yangtian_Li_06 Design_Intro_Week02_Yangtian_Li_05 Design_Intro_Week02_Yangtian_Li_04 Design_Intro_Week02_Yangtian_Li_03 Design_Intro_Week02_Yangtian_Li_02 Design_Intro_Week02_Yangtian_Li_01



then was designing a vehicle team, I chose to design fire rescue team, but the steam version. Not steam punk, just steam 😉Design_Intro_Week_3_Yangtian_Li_05 Design_Intro_Week_3_Yangtian_Li_04 Design_Intro_Week_3_Yangtian_Li_03 Design_Intro_Week_3_Yangtian_Li_02 Design_Intro_Week_3_Yangtian_Li_01

Then for viscom was to do a town. I did an african town, and made up a water god for them lol. had fun drawing the masks during the term break so I put all of them on the wall of these houses 😛 its their way of getting water from the elephant god 😛

But yea, lots of work needed on the line weight! its hard to read atm.

2Viscom_02_Week02_Yangtian_Li_02 2

Viscom_02_Week02_Yangtian_Li_03 2

This is a 2 week assignment for set-dressing design, and the theme was randomly chosen. I got Steampunk Assassin, so it’s a girl assassin (of course) that has a lot of costume and guns. lol




Digital painting… painted my african town. XD

Digital Painting 02_Yangtian_Li_Week03_02 Digital Painting 02_Yangtian_Li_Week03_01

dynamic lighting exercise…feng said I need to paint something hard… which is like chinese/japanese temple. Man it is hard….

Digital Painting 02_Yangtian_Li_Week02_02 Digital Painting 02_Yangtian_Li_Week02_01

Digital Painting 02_Yangtian_Li_Week02_03

We needed to do a humanoid character based on the insect we studied, so here is my alien queen and it’s development. week2 was sculpting the head then week 3 was doing the portraint painting and fullbody and paint the thing. so much homework man.

Design_Sketching_2_Week02_Yangtian_Li_02 Design_Sketching_2_Week02_Yangtian_Li_01





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