Term2, week one

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Finally in term 2! the work load has literally doubled. OMG!

This is the end of week 2 so I will post all the week 1 stuff. week 1 for me was really for trying to get a hold of the time management so nothing is really great, trying to control all the time and stay ahead of the homework – but already feel like this huge homework monster is catching up to me!! Wish me luck!


Design_Sketching_2_Week01_Yangtian_Li_01 Design_Sketching_2_Week01_Yangtian_Li_02 Digital Painting 02_Yangtian_Li_Week01_01 Digital Painting 02_Yangtian_Li_Week01_02 Digital Painting 02_Yangtian_Li_Week01_03 Viscom_02_Week01_Yangtian_Li_01 Viscom_02_Week01_Yangtian_Li_02 Viscom_02_Week01_Yangtian_Li_03

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  • Susaleena

    These look amazing so far! Would love to see them in color 🙂

    • Tian

      thanks a lot! sorry for the late reply. term 2 doesnt allow us to do much colour, guess you will have to wait to see the term3 work 😛

  • crazyjn

    进步好大!线稿场景超酷啊。 ZB模型也做么?雕得也很好啊

    • Tian


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