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week4, ah time flies.

Design intro was to do fifty thumbnails for a team of 5 robots. was a  lot of work in such a short time, also totally not in my comfort zone. but anyway that’s why i go to school to learn!

theme i chose is gardening robots.

Design_Intro_Week04_Yangtian_Li_05 Design_Intro_Week04_Yangtian_Li_04 Design_Intro_Week04_Yangtian_Li_03 Design_Intro_Week04_Yangtian_Li_02 Design_Intro_Week04_Yangtian_Li_01then digital painting – really trying to push for realism this week.

Digital Painting 02_Yangtian_Li_Week04_02 Digital Painting 02_Yangtian_Li_Week04_01


for 3d class this week was more about using zsketch to generate quick thumbnails.Design_Sketching_2_Week04_Yangtian_Li_04 Design_Sketching_2_Week04_Yangtian_Li_03 Design_Sketching_2_Week04_Yangtian_Li_02 Design_Sketching_2_Week04_Yangtian_Li_01


the the devil of this week… my hand was so broken after this…Viscom_02_Week02_Yangtian_Li_03 Viscom_02_Week02_Yangtian_Li_02 Viscom_02_Week02_Yangtian_Li_01

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    amazing stuff..

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