perspective final

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Finally… Spent around three days on this. The theme we were given was China town, I sort of really wanted to do a scene with some interior and exterior, hence the extremely high ceiling of the restaurant, haha! The teacher was teasing that two ninjas could jump in. lol.

Anyway, that’s a wrap for perspective! It was one of my weakness but now I think I’m feeling confident in drawing scenes with perspective finally… all the blood and tears!!

I did a PS greytone on it but I thought the linework by itself somehow looked better. I wonder why? What do you think?

Perspective_Yangtian_Li_Wk14_PageS Perspective_Yangtian_Li_Wk14_Page 02 of 02 Perspective_Yangtian_Li_Wk14_Page 01 of 02a

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