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so much work every week!

Well, this week we finally get our first design homework which is to design a creature and its dressed up versions. I didn’t have a lot of time to design the creature so I guess it’s not that strong, but I really enjoyed dressing it up. 😀 I took a lot of inspiration from Tibet…especially the civilian version…kinda hope that I had pokies through shirts the time to paint this one because with the colour would be so much better and tibet looking XD

and the digital paintings almost killed me this week! was awake for 48 hours… so insane.

hope hardwork pays off!

raw creature2CIV versionMIL version

does anyone notice the difference in his hair-do??? both tail and “chest hair” and back hair? LOL nooooo I spent a lot of effort trimming his hair!

Digital Paint_01_Week10_Yangtian_Li_01

Digital Paint_01_Week10_Yangtian_Li_02

Digital Paint_01_Week10_Yangtian_Li_03







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  • fan

    love it!.. just a quick question. is your creature design done on pen and paper first and then photoshop? or everything is drawn on photoshop?

    • Tian

      thanks! well I did the design on paper as I find that way is easier for me to get ideas out, then draw all the final linework in Photoshop

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