Wk7 and Wk8 digital paintings

 In Personal Art

a lot of material studies… 72 of them! so much…but I made it at least!

wanna spend more time especially on the horse…kind of added a side task for me to learn horse anatomy, but yea it’s going to be long term task.

Kingston’s comment: not bad. good try. LOL.

Digital Paint_01_Week08_Yangtian_Li_02Digital Paint_01_Week07_Yangtian_Li_02horse2Digital Paint_01_Week08_Yangtian_Li_01Digital Paint_01_Week07_Yangtian_Li_01Digital Paint_01_Week08_Yangtian_Li_03Digital Paint_01_Week08_Yangtian_Li_04Digital Paint_01_Week07_Yangtian_Li_05Digital Paint_01_Week07_Yangtian_Li_04Digital Paint_01_Week07_Yangtian_Li_03

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