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week 12…time flies.

Anyway, this week we got the shittest homework EVER. 5 letters in a mirror room… it’s hard to describe how painful it is to do this thing…it took me a day and a half and it’s so painful that almost burned me out for every other homework…even though at first I was so excited to do the animal characters this week.persp 2layoutcharacters Didn’t manage the time very well thought I had enough time to do the background… but no I didn’t…kinda roughed these ones out in half an hour, which is why they look so bad…perspective is wrong and all that. But at least hint the setting a little bit I guess.
Digital Paint_01_Week12_Yangtian_Li_01

Digital Paint_01_Week12_Yangtian_Li_02 Digital Paint_01_Week12_Yangtian_Li_03


I wish I could spend longer on these figure studies, they are so much fun to do, but I had to do the “how it’s made” first since they are more difficult for me.2

poses structure wk12wk12 1





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  • Paulo

    Oh wow.. that’s amazing. Looks like your getting more technical in your drawings, very similar to industrial design drawings. Keep up the good work.

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