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finally week13… felt a burnt out. For perspective we had to do an exploded view… so not feeling it… I did a music box, which was not satisfying at all – bad subject to pick I think… too many round stuff that drove me crazy.



it’s ehhh…upside-down. oh well whatever.


didn’t really get to spend time properly on this week. and then they did a sneaky final test on us. 3 hours, reference used. require one environment, 3 characters and 1 vehicle.

design sketch test_Yangtian_LI_WK14_Final test_PG01 2


As for viscom, I went crazy as I didn’t get much feedback from the previous weeks. Just wanted to do something I don’t do to see if the teacher was going to say anything. But then he went to japan on that day so i didn’t get any feedback! ;_; super bad luck!

chimpmomk mech layout

rabbit mech layout
then I painted this “bunny runner” for digital painting class…. took so long, around 16 hours I think? then I run out of time for the second painting so I did a quick one…2~3 hours? to be honest I just used some bits that I painted previously from the equipped version.

Digital Paint_01_Week13_Yangtian_Li_01

raw creature2

Then here’s final test for digital painting. was around 7 hours. not super happy but meh whatever. I’ve done my best…

Digital Paint_01_Week14_Yangtian_Li_finalexam





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