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what a LONG week! we also went to the zoo this week, ah it was so much hassle…and totally messed up our schedule…

Anyway, this week I managed to get everything on my computer so guess you can finally see how the homework is like. also keep in mind that we kinda lost a day to do homework because we went to the zoo 🙁

Perspective 3pt pespective practive

Fp2 Fp1 Fp3 Fp4

Design Sketch

how its made and animal study



layout3 layout1_1Vis Comm animal draw through (looks easy but takes so long!!!)

P1P3 P2

Digital Painting
 material study full render
Digital Paint_01_Week09_Yangtian_Li_01 Digital Paint_01_Week09_Yangtian_Li_02 Digital Paint_01_Week09_Yangtian_Li_03


Kingston actually said he thought I improved a lot! thank you!! so touched TOT

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